New Turtle

Dear Art Enthusiasts and Friends

This week was the completion of the commission for Carly she wanted a painting of her cats for her R.V.

I also started a new turtle piece nothing too crazy yet but a decent start.

House Warming Present

Dear Art Enthusiasts and Friends


I am working on painting for my sister in law, its a house warming gift for her new house.  She has a really strong bond with my husband, so I though she would enjoy it now its up to me to develop it.

So she can look back on it and think of all those great moments of the past and what’s yet to come.


Progress dead pool

Working on the progress of dead pool, Overall he is coming together.

Although there is no expression with the mask,  working on the subtle nuances of it more like a still life make it seam to work.   The feature of the piece seams to work with less of a strong out line instead being divided by a simple gradient it seam to make it work as a unit, and allow me to direct the focus of the piece.

Seals update

Dear Art Enthusiast’s

I have been working on repeating one of my older older pieces of some underwater seals, in a smaller format, to gradually improve my performance.


Dear Art Enthusiasts


I just returned from my trip to India.  I  worked on the plane to issue three more drawings, to add to my wall.

Only to return to find two paintings sold.  My restful moments (two chimp piece), and smaller lazy moments (leopard resting on a branch), so I am updating my wall tomorrow at the co-op.  To re-fresh  the space.

Progress on work before India

Dear Art Enthusists

This week I polished off three more pic’s for my wall,


to help change it up while I am in India.  I am into the gallery tomorrow from 10-2 pm so I can I will work on finishing a small painting  to help update it further.

Working a little bit on the wedding reception painting but since that a ways  away,  I mainly concentrated on getting these pic’s out for any interested parties while I am gone.

Have a great week.  and remember to work hard at what ever it is that you do but play just as hard in the those times you get to choose.

Irene Sekersky