Finished India painting

Dear Art Enthusists

I finally finished my India painting.  I’m pretty proud of it not only is she a smaller canvas than I am use to I was able to get more detail use-ing some of the brushes in a better fashion.   I used warm colour’s and cool colours to compliment each other, but balance the painting.

All in all progress in my craft and a not bad painting for the in-laws.


Work at the co-op

Dear Art enthusiasts

Today was work at the co-op, this month (March ) I have the ability to use another small wall at the gallery, I chose to show off restful moment, and the revamped lazy leopard.

I also worked on my Akash (my fiance) India painting, I cooled down some of the tones in my face and his to give it more depth.

Flesh tones

Well this week I have another commission that I can’t release before it gets in the hands of the client.

So I did a little work on my and Kash’s painting its not as done as it needs to be but at least its a work stilll in progress. I am working o the flesh tones in the smaller portrait its always a trick to get enough subtly to create a round object in a flat canvas.