Justice League Trio

Put the finishing touches on the justice trio,  I can always do more but this is where I have decided to stop for now.

Let me know what you think.

Colour work

Dear art Enthusiast’s

I have been working on getting some of the colour work done for the Justice League Trio.  Overall placement of some basic tones seam to be going well but It’s a long time coming before it becomes into a smoother transition, and  yet a crisp  development at the focal points where it counts.

Updating co-op wall

Dear Art Enthusists 

I completed my Wonder Woman piece

I rearranged my wall to include her. 

I have accentuated some of my drawings highlights and low-lights, to give it more punch.  These are some of my lesser used pieces to create a newer feel for the wall.



Wonder Woman painting

Today I started a new piece of wonder woman, I have had some progress working on the the main subject still a long way to go but its a good start.

Progress dead pool

Working on the progress of dead pool, Overall he is coming together.

Although there is no expression with the mask,  working on the subtle nuances of it more like a still life make it seam to work.   The feature of the piece seams to work with less of a strong out line instead being divided by a simple gradient it seam to make it work as a unit, and allow me to direct the focus of the piece.


I have started a new piece of dead pool, as part of my super hero series.  The movie dead pool 2 was hilarious, so I am sure there will be lots of fans once I finish her properly.


New piece: Luke and Ray

Today I started a new piece of Luke and Ray from the new star wars film The Last Jedi.

Experimenting with subtle facial tones, and less marked line work, happy with work accomplished thus far.

Seals update

Dear Art Enthusiast’s

I have been working on repeating one of my older older pieces of some underwater seals, in a smaller format, to gradually improve my performance.


I finished my commission, but I am just not able to post it till its in the hands of the client’s friend, so I begun a new animal piece.