Flesh tones

Well this week I have another commission that I can’t release before it gets in the hands of the client.

So I did a little work on my and Kash’s painting its not as done as it needs to be but at least its a work stilll in progress. I am working o the flesh tones in the smaller portrait its always a trick to get enough subtly to create a round object in a flat canvas.

Art Nouveau Piece

Dear Art Lovers

This is my new piece that I have been working on.

Overall she went awesome the blues compliment the piece but do not detract from the foal point of the main character. I hope who ever this little lady is she turns out to be is as pleased with her painting as the client who paid for her and I am.

Irene Sekersky

Working at the Co-op

Well today was working at the co-op.  Usually I do a little cleaning and then get down to working on a painting.  Today was our chip friend.   Not sure what to call him yet, but he is beginning to have some credible parts, plus  I started working with-out a picture…. scary stuff but gotta learn and grow with my art.


Allot of my work lately has been commission’s.
This last painting is a surprise and can’t show it to you till its ready and in the clients hands.
Just be aware I do accept commissions, so feel free to connect me and let me know if you want a personal painting for your family, boyfriend, girlfriend, or of you baby their all special times in our lives.

Updating wall

Today was re-tooling my wall at the co-op. I think it worked out well, she looks professional, I even had time to change my plu’s (price point) and hang a couple paintings up on some of the bare walls to help the space look fuller.

Some prices are as low as $50 dollars. So check them out and see if one works for you.

1974 Wyandotte St. E, Windsor, ON N8Y 1E4