Art Nouveau Piece

Dear Art Lovers

This is my new piece that I have been working on.

Overall she went awesome the blues compliment the piece but do not detract from the foal point of the main character. I hope who ever this little lady is she turns out to be is as pleased with her painting as the client who paid for her and I am.

Irene Sekersky

Working at the Co-op

Well today was working at the co-op.  Usually I do a little cleaning and then get down to working on a painting.  Today was our chip friend.   Not sure what to call him yet, but he is beginning to have some credible parts, plus  I started working with-out a picture…. scary stuff but gotta learn and grow with my art.


Allot of my work lately has been commission’s.
This last painting is a surprise and can’t show it to you till its ready and in the clients hands.
Just be aware I do accept commissions, so feel free to connect me and let me know if you want a personal painting for your family, boyfriend, girlfriend, or of you baby their all special times in our lives.

Updating wall

Today was re-tooling my wall at the co-op. I think it worked out well, she looks professional, I even had time to change my plu’s (price point) and hang a couple paintings up on some of the bare walls to help the space look fuller.

Some prices are as low as $50 dollars. So check them out and see if one works for you.

1974 Wyandotte St. E, Windsor, ON N8Y 1E4

Ray likeness

Well today was fooling around in gimp. (have to get use to the controls.)   I’m working on  correcting the pic of ray to make her more recognizable, she is closer to the original so that makes me happy.