Progress dead pool

Working on the progress of dead pool, Overall he is coming together.

Although there is no expression with the mask,  working on the subtle nuances of it more like a still life make it seam to work.   The feature of the piece seams to work with less of a strong out line instead being divided by a simple gradient it seam to make it work as a unit, and allow me to direct the focus of the piece.


I have started a new piece of dead pool, as part of my super hero series.  The movie dead pool 2 was hilarious, so I am sure there will be lots of fans once I finish her properly.


Finished Luke Skywalker and Ray

Today was work on the focal of Luke Sky-walker and ray


She became a decent piece I am proud to have her round out my wall, slowly and steadily we are moving to a shifting my wall to showcase super hero’s.

Rotating the subject matter from super hero’s to celebrities, to animals to help create variety and growth.


New piece: Luke and Ray

Today I started a new piece of Luke and Ray from the new star wars film The Last Jedi.

Experimenting with subtle facial tones, and less marked line work, happy with work accomplished thus far.

Updating co-op wall.

Well today was retooling my co-op wall,  instead of only having animals I have some comic book characters, Jimmy Hendrix, some sculptures, some art nouveau  pieces, and a few animals to round out the group.

Come check out the wall at: 1974 Wyandotte St E, Windsor, ON N8Y 1E4

Seals update

Dear Art Enthusiast’s

I have been working on repeating one of my older older pieces of some underwater seals, in a smaller format, to gradually improve my performance.

Super Hero Drawings

This weekend I worked on two sketches for my super hero wall up-coming.  One was of Groot and Rocket the Racoon, the second was of the Hulk

I also darkened to two sketches I had already completed.  I felt they needed more defition

Black and white commission

Finished a commission for a client, it was a smaller canvas to work on but the monochromatic-ness of the piece allowed me to focus of the focal points and the value of the tones.