Dear Art Enthusiasts


I just returned from my trip to India.  I  worked on the plane to issue three more drawings, to add to my wall.

Only to return to find two paintings sold.  My restful moments (two chimp piece), and smaller lazy moments (leopard resting on a branch), so I am updating my wall tomorrow at the co-op.  To re-fresh  the space.

Re-tooling the wall

Dear Art Enthusiast’s

Well yesterday was re-organizing my two walls at the co-op.  I had a chance to add the new pieces and give it a fresh look.




Progress on work before India

Dear Art Enthusists

This week I polished off three more pic’s for my wall,


to help change it up while I am in India.  I am into the gallery tomorrow from 10-2 pm so I can I will work on finishing a small painting  to help update it further.

Working a little bit on the wedding reception painting but since that a ways  away,  I mainly concentrated on getting these pic’s out for any interested parties while I am gone.

Have a great week.  and remember to work hard at what ever it is that you do but play just as hard in the those times you get to choose.

Irene Sekersky

Finished India painting

Dear Art Enthusists

I finally finished my India painting.  I’m pretty proud of it not only is she a smaller canvas than I am use to I was able to get more detail use-ing some of the brushes in a better fashion.   I used warm colour’s and cool colours to compliment each other, but balance the painting.

All in all progress in my craft and a not bad painting for the in-laws.


Work at the co-op

Dear Art enthusiasts

Today was work at the co-op, this month (March ) I have the ability to use another small wall at the gallery, I chose to show off restful moment, and the revamped lazy leopard.

I also worked on my Akash (my fiance) India painting, I cooled down some of the tones in my face and his to give it more depth.

Rug Portrait

Dear Art Enthusiats

Last week i finished a portrait for a lady, overall everything went smoothly, it had lots of visual texture, with the background rug  and her long bright hair.

The painting took a total of two weeks, both the client and I was happy with the result.

Akash painting

Working on The painting for Akash’s parents

Drawing for india

To Fellow Art Enthusiasts.

This week I finished a painting to a client, but in order for the recipient to be surprised I holding back its release for a week.

Instead here is a drawing I have been working on for me and my finance’s trip to India.

Home show 2018 Ciociaro club

Walkerville Artist co-op is going to be exhibiting at the Home show This march 2nd -4th, come down and see some paintings that might match well with your home.  Have the opportunity to talk with us and have an artist make a personal piece of you family, or of that pet you love, or just something that sets off that room and declares that as your space .