Thursday Feb 15th, 2019

Dear Art Enthusiasts


This week I worked on the painting for Anchal’s house warming gift,   Guardians of the Galaxy, and my under-water turtle.

Overall good steps towards completion for all pieces.

New Turtle

Dear Art Enthusiasts and Friends

This week was the completion of the commission for Carly she wanted a painting of her cats for her R.V.

I also started a new turtle piece nothing too crazy yet but a decent start.

This week’s report

Dear Art Enthusiasts and Friends


This week was the finish of My David Grohl, commission.  I really spent a fair amount of time working on his face to make sure the tone of the skin, worked with the light and structure of the face was correct.  He stands 40x 30 inches completed, january 2019.

I also worked on  another commission let me know what you think.

This week in a nut shell

Dear Art Enthusiasts and Friends

Good morning, this week we have some catching up to do on my posts for whats been happening this week artistically.  Number one: I finished Anchal’s house warming present.

Number two: I worked on the painting at the co-op, Guardians of the qalaxy.

Number three: I started a new commissioned piece of David Grohl


New Wall set up

Dear Art Enthusiasts and Friends

Today I re arranged my wall at the co-op.

I included prints, but orientated them to the side to better affix them to the wall.


I  also included a 3D painting of the book 1984.  I wanted to help create a more ominous feeling of big brother watching you.  So I created the face of big brother coming out of the painting,

Take a look when you have some time.


Dear Art Enthusiasts and friends

Slowly getting to the end of Anchal’s present for her new house warming gift, If you have time let me know what you think, always looking for ways to get better.

New Portrait

Dear Art Enthusiasts and Friends

Today I finished a drawing portrait for a client, using charcoal for the black shadows,  non-photo blue pencils, and white for the highlights.

House Warming Present

Dear Art Enthusiasts and Friends


I am working on painting for my sister in law, its a house warming gift for her new house.  She has a really strong bond with my husband, so I though she would enjoy it now its up to me to develop it.

So she can look back on it and think of all those great moments of the past and what’s yet to come.


Uncle painting

Dear Art Enthusiasts and friends


This was my last day on a friends Uncle painting, as a remembrance,  I hope it brings her solice and enjoyment, for all those moments they shared.