Bio: My Experience

I’m a 36 year old artist, currently learning, living and working in Windsor, ON. I have a great passion for arts, creative expressions and its limitless possibilities.

I am determined to make art a part of my life. To date, I have achieved a diploma in Graphic Design and Early Childhood Education, as well as completed two years of animation studies.

Through these courses and life experiences, I have discovered life is a journey, full of hills and valleys but built for us to never give up.  So I have decided to make use of my skills and abilities.

My strengths are: color combinations, disbursement of detail, and illusion of depth in a flat one dimensional canvas

​I use a method of the rule of thirds, which helps lead my viewer’s eye to the areas of interest, I some times use complimentary or accent colors to set off my subjects, or create a sense of diffuseness in areas of background.

I feel drawn to images that emote: show a sense of emotion, or create a sense of motion because they show a moment that that can only happen through movement.

If you wish to commission a painting or seek my design specialties, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thanks for visiting my website, hopefully, my images and story help you express yourself to the world.

Irene Sekersky