Drawing days March 2nd and 3rd

Dear Art Enthusiasts and friends


Well I have been working on some of my drawings for my wall, adding one more super hero character drawing of the guardians of the galaxy and two more animal images that could vary up the wall more.

New Portrait

Dear Art Enthusiasts and Friends

Today I finished a drawing portrait for a client, using charcoal for the black shadows,  non-photo blue pencils, and white for the highlights.

Doing the Louvre in windsor

Dear Art Enthusiasts and Friends

This week I signed up to do the Louvre exhibit at Artcite downtown.

Date & Time

Start Date:Friday, 30 November 2018End Date:Friday, 30 November 2018Time:7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Update to co-op wall, rough out line for Essex wall mural.

Well I have been working on my rough sketch for the Essex wall.  I am pretty happy with her so far, she fits nicely with the committiees vision for her to be colorful, but leave a little space to outline a story about family roles.

The man is the more colorful, but his role is the hunter and the gatherer, while the female looks after the young.

I also changed around my wall to include The Justice Trio, this week.

Tuesday work

Dear Art Enthusiasts

Today I completed death pool and  cleaning up my wall by adding him to the layout.  Overall she seamed crowded so I removed a few pieces

I also used some paint to highlight some of the super hero drawings.

Super Hero Drawings

This weekend I worked on two sketches for my super hero wall up-coming.  One was of Groot and Rocket the Racoon, the second was of the Hulk

I also darkened to two sketches I had already completed.  I felt they needed more defition

Wrapping up loose ends

Well today was about finishing up some projects.  I worked a little bit on a commission painting, that I can’t show right now its not in the hands of the person its being gifted to.

So here are some alternative works that I have been completing, two marvel super hero drawings,  two mini paintings for the galley.

Progress on work before India

Dear Art Enthusists

This week I polished off three more pic’s for my wall,


to help change it up while I am in India.  I am into the gallery tomorrow from 10-2 pm so I can I will work on finishing a small painting  to help update it further.

Working a little bit on the wedding reception painting but since that a ways  away,  I mainly concentrated on getting these pic’s out for any interested parties while I am gone.

Have a great week.  and remember to work hard at what ever it is that you do but play just as hard in the those times you get to choose.

Irene Sekersky

Drawing for india

To Fellow Art Enthusiasts.

This week I finished a painting to a client, but in order for the recipient to be surprised I holding back its release for a week.

Instead here is a drawing I have been working on for me and my finance’s trip to India.