Uncle painting

Dear Art Enthusiasts and friends


This was my last day on a friends Uncle painting, as a remembrance,  I hope it brings her solice and enjoyment, for all those moments they shared.




Doing the Louvre in windsor

Dear Art Enthusiasts and Friends

This week I signed up to do the Louvre exhibit at Artcite downtown.

Date & Time

Start Date:Friday, 30 November 2018End Date:Friday, 30 November 2018Time:7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Janis Joplin

Dear Art Enthusiasts and friends


Finally finished Janis Joplin, I am really liking the almost monocromatic non essential parts of the composition, it helps give it depth and focus.

Essex Mural

Dear Art Enthusiasts and friends

Here are the updates on the process of developing the Essex mural located at

49 Talbot Street North

in a small park between The Deluxe and Woodcraft Pizza

Final Day for Mural


Dear Art Enthusiasts and friends
Today was my last day on the mural. I focused on tightened her up in the Left corner for the child behind the curtain, I gave him larger eyes, wider bottom lip, and longer hair. I worked on refining the artistic hands, to better define their boundary, and refine their shadow to help give them shape. I worked on the head phone girl to better define the bend in her right wrist and crasped hand and the fingers that surround it.
Overall I am happy with this mural it shows scale dimension and a brightness of feeling and tone.
I hope it provides brightness and helps uplift the people in her inhabitants.
You can catch her at the alley way behind Wyandotte and Gladstone road in Windsor Ontario.


More Janis Joplin

Dear Art Enthusiasts and Friends

Another rainy day so I have been working on refining Janis Joplin.  I decided to add more colour to her,  at first overall general splotches but in a later step I  looked to refine the face a little more.


Final projection.

Dear Art Enthusiasts

Today was the last day for the projector, me and my awesome family, helped me out last night with getting down the essentials of my design.

The next day I worked to give her more shape and dimension to the areas of importance.  Still working to iron out the girl with the head phones but she is moving along nicely.  I am trying to develop the painting as a  unit and not get too bogged down with to ornate details  as a mural she needs to be seen from far away.  so looked on as a whole.

Tightening the mural: Gladstone

Well today was defining the mural on Gladstone more,  esepecially the hands, face of the sculpture woman, and the logo.   I need a little more time on the large girl with the headphones, to soften out her features.  I am happy with the progress overal.

Rainy days: Janis Joplin

Dear Art Enthusists

Rainy days have halted the progress on the mural so I have kept my self busy working on a commissioned piece of Janis Joplin.

She is coming together.